Why Twitter is So Popular than Facebook among Youngster’s

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Analysis of Facebook and Twitter:

Social media is a highly accessible and medium for social interaction, using small communication techniques. It is a two way street that gives you the ability to communicate with the world around you. There many social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, and MySpace…etc.  The two most popular networking sites which have too much of popularity on these days i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Were some people like to follow Facebook while some others twitter? Facebook sticks to the more traditional social networking where you maintain your profile while Twitter relies on its micro blogging feature.


But when compare to twitter is reach far beyond your inner circle of friends. Most of the popular celebrities given a high priority, as it provides instant updates from various news and updates about theirs. Getting tweets is set of getting followers on profile page. And more why they are preferring twitter than others is because quick information gathering, new updates….etc. and also following with others also very important.

Why Twitter is So Popular than Facebook:


Twitter has improved and it overtaken Facebook as the most popular social network among US teens, according to a new survey. From this survey there are 26% of youngsters while Facebook and its recently acquired unit Instagram were each chosen by 23%. Most of the teens were likes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is good other than other social media networks.

Only the 4% of people likes Tumblr, and 5% of teens like Google+ networks. And they said now Google+ developing quit good. The news comes as Twitter is readying a $1 billion initial public offering which will be immensely smaller than Facebook’s last year but still among the most coveted in the sector.

From the analysis of twitter users having 218 million active users worldwide, and this report can pointed that there are more teens use twitter’s as best choice of teens. The survey of some 8,600 teens showed interest to twitter in earlier Facebook is the first choice among them. Normally teens preferred over Twitter by 33 to 30%. They also note that Instagram comes under the other social networks, and they people interest on it.


The survey reveals that people spend only a few hours on Facebook while majority of the day are spent on Twitter. And similarly most of the business people are doing a business on twitter, getting followers on business. If you want to get more followers on your business or in your fan page then buy twitter followers on best service provider. Target your business on these areas.


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