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4 Best Android Operating System Features

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There are several features you can find common on both Android and iOS, but there are few best Android features which you won’t find on iOS. Let’s discuss the best Android features that the iPhone operating system doesn’t have:



One of the powerful, useful Android features comes with app Tasker, the automation program that will turn your phone into a Superphone. By using this technique, you can turn settings on and off for certain application, change location and time as you wish. The Android Tasker can access the deepest and darkest setting on your phone and it doesn’t work for other platforms such as iOS.

Removable Storage and Battery:

Battery is not Android software but it is necessary to have better storage battery. Normally Android phones devices will have the ability to take out, swap, and upgrade your battery and SD card. While comparing to iOS mobile device, Rooting Android device has gigabytes memory storage. You can also exchange the battery in order to extend the battery life time.


Android device supports flash web sites, Flash video or playing games like congregate and having Flash installation on phone and tablet….etc. You couldn’t find flash on iOS.

The Android device helps to control your phone from computer. There are some apps which actually control your Android phone from your PC whether sending text to chrome or access any of its other functions right from a web browser.


You can change your widgets right on your home screen like setting music widgets to display you the currently playing track on the home screen. The to-do-list widgets are most effective widgets for people to be productive. In you jailbreak your iPhone, you can get these widgets but the only thing is you can only put them on your lock screen. You can’t do this on home screen of iPhone and simply swipe through.

Most of the Android devices have allowed rooting mobile phonespretty easily while compared to iOS.