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Best Marketing Strategies for Boosting up Sale on Christmas, New Year

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Christmas and New-year is the closest festival continuing in a month and end of each year.  People starting to buy new things for their home and present a gift to relatives. The studies showing that big companies like Wal-Mart, amazon, eBay are getting maximum sales and offering different discounts on this occasion. The started up business are also keep updating their status to offer discounts and improve business sales on every aspects.


With the modern era of internet, offering flexibility of mobile marketing people do hesitate to go on the crowd on shopping store and struggle to find the different things like apparels, gifts and much more items make delay of processing and delay of customer services. They changed to accessing the shopping store’s website via mobile, tablet, or any other digital media. With this, the shopping made easier to them for liked products and one touch to deliver.

Most of companies are starting their advertisements on Televisions. However, the prices on the festival time gets too higher. The ROI (Return on Investment) is lesser than previous years. It is too complicated for 30 seconds and 60 seconds. So finding the right method can save your time, effort, money and customer interaction.

What are the marketing strategies?

So called, we have two best marketing strategies as Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.


Offline Marketing:

Television, Radio, Banner advertising and pamphlets are top way that your product/services reaches to the people in your regions.

On-Line Marketing:

The Marketing term described, with help of internet the people get different marketing aspects to improve the sales.

Which is the best?

We consider here with two best aspects.

  1   Reachability:

The Television advertisements reach to the audience quickly. Every festival time, people sit in front of Television to find the advertisement showing about and discussing with their family. So decision is easy to take from the crowd.

But looking from the business owners, the cost of 5 seconds to 60 seconds may get high. The large business looking for good reputation then it wouldn’t a problem of spending money. But small business owners or any started up firm getting trouble to spend much amount at initial periods of development.

Solution: The small / started up companies better go with internet accessibilities for less price at initial development state than bigger companies does on television interviews.

There are many advantages go with internet medium to gain bigger sale. Our experts can find you the right method to develop over the internet and increase your sale on any occasion – Says expert from Attur based Internet Marketing Company Kudo Metrics.

2       Timely Manner:

Time is another big factor has to be considered to invest your money on the festival time. Right time may increase chance of bigger sale than 68% of business owner failure.

Solutions: The internet Medium is now getting instant approval for all your marketing efforts. However there will be lacking of making visible of your product or services to the right people. So the time associated with visibility gets you lacking. In this options go with some paid advertisements like Google adwords, adcenter for best results.

Televisions, Radios and other offline Marketing definitely boosts up your timely advertisements on your local geo places.


Based on these two aspects, if you are the small / started up firm looking to drive at least 20% ROI then choose online Marketing strategies which you can invest less amount and increase the business ventures. In other case, you want reputation and wider reachability; amount doesn’t matter then choose offline marketing strategies for best exposure.

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